Workshops of personal reflection, movement, crafting, and time in nature

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What is a Postcards to the Earth Workshop?

Postcards to the Earth Workshop is a 3-hour place-centered experience that cultivates interpersonal and community relationships. The experience is designed to develop and enrich relationships with self, earth, and other through time in nature and artistic expression. During the workshop, participants will be guided in simple, accessible movement games to invigorate their bodies while fostering a sense of play and safety within the group. Participants then spend time alone outside in the natural world, followed by the artistic activity of crafting and writing a personal message to the earth in the form of a postcard. After we create our postcards, participants have the opportunity to share their messages through voice and movement in a nurturing milieu. All materials are provided; open to all ages and ability.

Workshops are led by founder Maren Waldman, and are open to participants of all ages, professions, study and skill. Workshops can be extended to a day-long experience, and can be custom adapted to the needs and goals of your group.

What does the workshop do for people?

  • Provides full-body engagement with concepts of sustainability, environmental stewardship & resiliency
  • Strengthens commitment to working with environmental issues
  • Deepens connection to the earth and between humans
  • Allows for creative expression

I'm a leader of a company and am looking for a group activity. What can this workshop do for me?

  • Provide a meaningful retreat experience
  • Build community among participants
  • Support retention
  • Create beautiful artifacts for use in promotion & outreach

What are the benefits?

Specific benefits for participants are: deepening awareness of connection with Earth and each other, full-body engagement with concepts of sustainability, environmental stewardship and resilience, strengthening of commitment to addressing environmental issues, and creative expression within a nurturing container.

What are the results?

Since this workshop is designed to elicit a deeply personal experience, we can't guarantee all of these results. However, based on our experience, these results are common and likely assuming full willingness and participation.

Postcards to the Earth Workshop includes learning objectives within the realms of embodiment, self-awareness, emotional acknowledgement & expression, leadership, and artistry.

By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Be exposed to experiential learning related to sustainability (embodiment)
  • Be able to recognize the existence of their own personal relationship with the natural world (self-awareness)
  • Have been invited to speak and interact from a heart-centered place (self-awareness & expression)
  • Have had the opportunity to connect with their core feelings around what’s happening with the planet (emotional acknowledgement)
  • Learn a creative activity to present in their own community groups or classrooms (leadership)
  • Create their own unique artwork with visual, language, and movement components (artistry)
  • Hold a take-home artifact (actual or image) of their own message (artistry)

From Maren Waldman, founder:

“Facilitating postcard-writing workshops has showed me just how much people have to say, and how ready they are to share when given a safe space. The workshops so far have left each group different, often closer, than they were before. The collection of postcards contains messages of memory, longing, belonging, grief, gratitude, and more. My hope is that our postcard collection grows as people worldwide contribute their voices."

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