I don't usually dedicate an entire post to promoting something, but today I REALLY want to tell you about Bioneers.

Bioneers is a nonprofit organization that holds a national conference, attended by thousands, featuring visionary artists, scientists, activists, indigenous voices, educators, and entrepreneurs across all disciplines who are dedicated to innovative solutions for restoring our planet and our human culture.

This weekend, in California, brilliant people are gathering to problem solve, sing, discuss, and Do The Work. (It's happening at this very moment I'm writing to you! How awesome!!!)

Next weekend, Oct 23-25, Bioneers happens in Boulder, CO. It's one of over 20 satellite conferences around the country. The Boulder conference features re-broadcasts of national speakers and workshops with local experts and innovators.

Bioneers is one of my absolute favorite events. When I'm there, I feel stimulated, inspired, in complete awe, humbled, and most profoundly - like I belong.

This year, I'm sharing my Postcards to the Earth workshop on Friday morning, Oct 23, 9am-12pm. If you're here in Colorado, won't you join us? Details below.

Wherever you are, you can listen to the Bioneers radio series online or as a podcast. It is an incredible resource for information, ideas, positive examples of change, and community. Prepare to have your eyes and hearts opened wide!

Here are Bioneers presentations from two of my favorite humans: Joanna Macy and Paul Hawken.

Once you engage, I'd love to know your thoughts. What inspired you? What shocked you? Anything you found outrageous? confusing? challenging? What touched you?

These are CRUCIAL conversations. Post your responses below. OR email me. OR call me. OR talk to a friend. OR talk to a tree (if you missed my last post about that, you can read it on the next post below).

It doesn't matter as long as you engage, challenge yourself, reflect, and ultimately - ACT.

Join me in Boulder for POSTCARDS TO THE EARTH Workshop
Friday, Oct 23, 9am-12pm
Community United Church of Christ, 2650 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305
(the workshop is non-denominational)

Registration is Affordable: Register through Bioneers.
$20/day, $12/day for students, seniors, activists and educators. Free for CU-Boulder and Naropa University students. Multi-day discounts, student and senior discounts, youth scholarships, activist scholarships, and volunteer opportunities available.

Advance registration runs through October 20th. Onsite registration available.

Workshop is included in one-day pass for Friday or the three-day pass.

Workshop Details: Postcards to the Earth Workshop is a 3-hour, place-centered experience that cultivates interpersonal and community relationships. The experience is designed to develop and enrich relationships with self, earth and other through time in nature and artistic expression. During the workshop, participants will be guided in simple, accessible movement games to invigorate their bodies while fostering a sense of play and safety within the group. Participants then spend time alone outside in the natural world, followed by the artistic activity of crafting and writing a personal message to the earth in the form of a postcard. After we create our postcards, participants have the opportunity to share their messages through voice and movement in a nurturing milieu. Participants will leave with enough information, experience and guidance to facilitate a simplified version of the workshop with their students, colleagues or community. All materials are provided; open to all ages and ability.