Today I want to talk about digestion.  And tell you a personal story. (Be sure to read all the way through because I have an exciting earth-dance opportunity for you at the end!)
Every few months for the past decade or so, I’ve been experiencing on and off pain in my abdomen. I’ve always had issues with digestion, but these attacks would come on strong and the only way to shift the pain was a night of sleep. After multiple tests and a variety of professional opinions, there is still no clear or certain diagnosis.
I have made some dietary changes that have helped, and what I really want to share about is PAUSING.
In September, I started pausing after each meal.
My habit, I realize, is to a) not leave enough time to eat; and b) jump up while still chewing my last bite – on to the next thing.
This practice of pausing after I eat has really helped.
I close my eyes and focus my attention on my food falling into my system. Sometimes I can actually feel my food settling into my stomach. I often get a nice BIG BURP (haha!) It feels good :).
Lest you think I’m perfect and this comes easily, know that many times I still jump half way up with food in my mouth and have to force myself to sit back down to pause.
In this pausing, I have a moment to acknowledge my full belly, and all the fullness in my life. I focus on letting in the good. I can recognize that I have the privilege to have a belly full of nourishment. For that, I offer gratitude.
Why am I writing about digestion in the context of Postcards to the Earth?
Because this work is ultimately about slowing down, awakening to sensation, and making space in life to notice beauty.
Our lives are full as is; if we let in the news of the world, the fullness and devastation can feel unbearable and overwhelming.
The daily practices we cultivate with our bodies, and with our natural world, are healing balm for these times.
Pausing stimulates your nervous system to digest – yes, your food, and also your emotions, your energy, your life.
This week I challenge you choose one specific time in your day for a PAUSE. Go ahead, put it in your planner if that’s what you need to do to make it happen.
Pausing can be after a meal, a few breaths outside in the middle of the work day, a slow walk, lying down on the floor (I just wrote about this in my other blog – you can read about it here), etc.  It must be a true PAUSE – nothing to DO.
Are there ways you already pause in your day?
Once you’ve chosen your pause, tell someone you trust so you can stay accountable. You can tell me, too! Do share your experiment with our online community.
SPEAKING OF PAUSING…. My next email to you is scheduled for Dec 25. I’m taking some time off at the end of the year, so you’ll receive your next email letter on Jan 8. Enjoy the time to be with loved ones, and remember the natural world is always available for connection (even when other humans are not).
SUNDAY DECEMBER 20, 1:45-3pm: Flocking for Peace
Flocking for peace is an embodied movement for peace. We are gathering 50+ people on Sunday, Dec 20, in North Boulder Park to move together like a flock of birds with the intention of creating a unified field of possibility for peace on earth. I’m part of the leadership team which includes some incredible seasoned spiritual leaders, choreographers, activists, musicians, and other artists. Read more and Join the Movement on our Facebook Page. Open to all! No dance or movement experience needed.
Practice Session Sunday, Dec 13, 1-2pm in North Boulder Park at Dellwood & 9th. Meet in the southern most baseball diamond.  If you want to join this weekend and have questions, CALL me: 607-227-7422 (I likely won’t be on email before then).
Wahoo! Thanks for reading all the way through!  

May you enjoy a spirit-ful, joy-ful, pause-ful, peace-ful holiday season.