Last weekend, at a Postcards to the Earth workshop, we were exploring the movement of our spines: "Move your spine side to side like a fish," I said. "Now, move it like a diving dolphin."

We happened to be doing this at a very VERY busy park.

Less than a stone's throw away, children's music played and families played games at a little girl's birthday party. Kid's soccer games were scattered throughout the park. Parents and children chased each other every which way around the grass, playground, and party shelters.

And there we were, practicing slowing our bodies down, sitting quietly with trees and stones and grass. And writing postcards.

It was challenging.

The experience highlighted potent questions for all of us:
How do we turn our attention inward amidst the busy-ness of daily life?
How do we commit to our intentions (projects, goals, life qualities) when it seems that everyone else is doing something different?
How do we dedicate time to slow down and connect, when our culture is driving us onward?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these questions below!
(PS - don't get me wrong - I love to run around and play in the park, too!)

Here's the message on one of the postcards from the workshop, from a woman deeply engaged in earth-centered work:

"Dear Earth and all of the lands, waterways, air, food that have sustained me, my living~I want you to know that you are always on my mind. I see your beauty, texture, sparkles, colors, shapes. I see how we have carved into you, taken from and depleted places you have made. I love you and will always work to protect you! I want to help people Remember and CARE for you."

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